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We are a kayak dealer and outfitters located in Port Charlotte. We specialize in fishing Kayaks and stock wide assortment of excellent fishing kayaks. We stock Native,Jackson, Evoke, Nu Canoe, Dragonfly, Pelican and much more. Allow our expert staff to help you acquire your next or first kayak.

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Fly Fishing

We are the largest fly fishing shop in the area. We tie our own flies and have the largest selection of materials available on hand in the area. We stock most major brands and have the ability to spool line, make loops, and assist with tying methods. We have an IFFF Master Casting Instructor in house and provide charter services for fly anglers.

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Kayak Rental

We offer a kayak rental service. Starting in August you will be able to rent our kayaks and take them with you. That's right you now can rent the high end fishing kayaks (considering availability) for a day, or up to 3 days. Then if you decide to buy the rental fee comes off the cost of the kayak. Try it before you buy it or simply rent and have fun.

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