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How To Load Your Kayak

We often are asked how to load a kayak on the roof of your car. Mainly how to strap a kayak down to a bar set.  Here is a video we made to show you what we think the is the simplest way.  ALWAYS REMEMBER TO TIE THE FRONT AND REAR OF YOUR KAYAK DOWN

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Patagonia Is Suing Trump?

Seems as though the backlash of President Trump giving away protected park lands in Utah has sparked a war between Patagonia (the famous outdoor clothing brand not the country) and the Trump administration. Trump’s environmental plan has been sparking debate since he took office. The land in Utah that was taken off of the protected

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Stable Kayaks Stand Fish Paddle

Stable Kayaks Stand Fish Paddle For Fishing And Recreation.  Stable Kayaks.  There are two questions we get asked here everyday. One is “is it stable?” Customers always want to know if our kayaks are stable.  The answer is yes all of our kayak models are made to be stable in the water.  We want you

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