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The West Wall App. This app has some of the best Kayak Ramps and Launches in the Sarasota Port Charotte. Maybe even a a secret location that you have never thought of. We here at West Wall Outfitters were constantly being asked “where is a good place to launch out kayaks in South West Florida”? That is when we decided to create a simple app that gives the locations of Kayak ramps and launch sites in Sarasota, Venice, Englewood, Port Charlotte, and Punta Gorda.  The Charlotte Harbor and Boca Grande areas are some of out favorite places to kayak. If you are a fly fisherman then this app. is great too. That is because each month we give a detailed fishing report and provide hot spots.  The app is  loaded with pictures maps and little descriptions about each site. The West Wall App is the coolest thing that every kayaker needs. We know there are books out there that you have buy but the West Wall Outfitters Kayak Launch App is Free. Try it!

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west wall Kayak launch app ios google