Leboeuf stresses that Cucuraya should not play for Singha

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Former France defender Franck Leboeuf has accused Marc Cucurella of not being good enough as a Chelsea player and should not be playing again.

The Spanish footballer moved to Stamford football ufabet. Bridge this season But struggling to make the performance worth the £60 million the team paid for Brighton. And with Ben Chilwell’s injury, Cucuraya has been playing consistently but hasn’t been able to show. Impressive form came out.

In the past, he has been criticized continuously for his fee. Le Boeuf recently said that Cucuraya was not good enough to play for Chelsea and should not play again.

“Reece James and Chilwell will be back fit because we need them. Because we don’t want to see Cucurella play again,” Leboeuf told ESPN.

“With respect to him – with what I don’t know – but this player is not good enough to be a Chelsea player. It’s as simple as that.”

“It’s crazy that the club signed him for £60m or £70m but we’ve seen that he’s not at this level.”

“Family-wise – that has been difficult for him as well. So there’s many factors. Sometimes it’s simplistic. You just see the guy on the pitch and you have a verdict on him, but there’s all sorts of things going on in his life.

“Obviously I know Marc well. I know Mark at his best and he is a top player.”