A small number of strategies for dominating your rivals

Sometimes, simply separating yourself from the pack isn’t enough.

In today’s competitive business landscape, just surviving isn’t sufficient. With so many distractions, how can you break through the noise to be able to achieve your goals? As a business strategist, I help other owners stand aside from from their competiton, but truth is, it’s no more about competing … it’s about dominating. To make additional money for your business and family, you need to consistently concentrate on growing revenue, and listed below are five strategies that will assist you accomplish those twin pursuits.

What got you here won’t get you there. If you would like to seriously dominate your space and become the go-to business in your industry, stop thinking and operating like everybody else. I ask my clients at all times: “Would you like your business to be the Ferrari or the Camry?” This is not a trick question, and there’s not really a wrong answer. The Ferrari includes a marketplace, therefore does the Camry. The Ferrari includes a higher dollar value, yet includes a smaller buyer pool. Camry includes a lower dollar value, but a much bigger buyer pool.

Interview on norway: "the whole society stands together"

Norway – an open, liberal society: That was before July 22, 2011. But even after the attacks, that should not change. Prime Minister Stoltenberg is particularly committed to this. In an interview with , ARD correspondent Claudia Buckenmaier speaks about his role and the grief of a nation.

: Norway had no experience with terrorism and therefore had no experience with this traumatizing situation. Can you briefly describe the mood in the country??

Claudia Buckenmaier: There is currently an incredibly high level of cohesion in the country. People approach each other, hold hands, embrace and comfort each other. They try to be together. And always there: the royal family, the politicians across all parties. You are very close to people. All of Norwegian society stands together. I have the feeling that immediately after the attacks, this society looked for a way to support itself. According to the motto: We are one nation and we will not be shaken by it.

Interview on social web: mostly "without a concerted strategy"

Sociologist Siri cannot identify concerted strategies in the parties’ social media activities. In an interview with this site she explains how different politicians use Facebook and Twitter – and where there is more arguing.

Does the election campaign bring anything via social media channels? If yes, what?

Siri: The election campaign is changing with social media, but social media is nowhere near as important as it was in the US election. There is this myth of the Obama campaign. But the use of manpower and money is not comparable, we are still in our infancy in Germany. More than 2000 people worked for the Democrats in social media in the USA in 2012. They were also able to provide the necessary round-the-clock support for these channels.

Interview on italy: "the country has a structural problem"

Italy’s economy should be saved in a healthy way. That won’t work, says Siegfried Breuer from Germany Trade&Invest in an interview with . Much bigger problems are youth unemployment and the unwillingness of small entrepreneurs to invest money in their own businesses.

What’s wrong in Italy?

Siegfried Breuer: Italy has lost its international competitiveness because politicians have not dealt with existing structural problems. The country suffers less from over-indebtedness than it has long-term growth weakness.

11 Unique spotify podcasts for business owners

Podcasts experience intimate, relatable and so are ideal for anyone seeking to delve into matters and never have to set aside period to read or check out videos.

If you’re among the 205 million individuals who pay attention to Spotify, it’s likely you have found on the buzz encircling among the platform’s newest audio offerings, The Michelle Obama Podcast .

With an increase of persons looking for binge-worthy media to have their thoughts off the point out of, very well, everything, the former Initially Lady’s podcast may be the sort of feel-good, comforting issue most are seeking for. We reach pay attention to her banter with her husband, past President Barack Obama, and we are able to relate as we notice her confess the way the pandemic, competition relations and the existing political strife have gone her fighting low-quality depression.

5 Problem employees and you skill about them

Small companies aren’t immune from workplace behavior problems. Some tips about what to accomplish about them.

Problem employees inevitably surface generally in most workplaces and small companies aren’t immune. Sometimes, the issues are obvious, such as for example attendance issues or failing to provide results. Other times, a workplace harbors a problem and you will possibly not immediately know the reason, says attorney Lisa Guerin, co-author of Coping with Problem Employees.

As a busy entrepreneur, you will have to make certain desired workplace behavior is clarified or reinforced for every new employee. Sometimes you will need patience if an unproductive employee behavior is due to troubles in the home. In other cases, the issues are so undesirable and worrisome, the employer must take swift, effective action to push away a major loss. Listed below are five types of problem employees and how to proceed about them.

Garbage truck trial in tubingen: defendant sees himself as a victim of his act

The place of mourning for the people who were killed by the overturned garbage truck. Photo: dpa

After the tragic garbage truck accident in August 2017, which left five dead, the driver is on trial. At the beginning of the trial, his defense attorney warns of the call for the harshest possible sentence. The driver himself is traumatized.

Tubingen – Before the start of the trial after the tragic garbage truck accident, the defender warned against thoughts of retaliation. "The accused is by no means a criminal who has to be locked away, but is himself a victim of his act," said a statement by lawyer Thomas Weiskirchner published on Tuesday. He represents the 55-year-old truck driver who will have to answer for negligent manslaughter before the Second Large Criminal Chamber at the Tubingen Regional Court from Wednesday (March 7).