The problem of clan crime: gang wars escalate in sweden

Gothenburg by night: In Sweden’s second largest city, criminal gangs are fighting for supremacy.

Rival criminals have set up roadblocks in Gothenburg with masked control personnel for their precincts. Many citizens are afraid. The police say they have the situation under control.

Stockholm – In Gothenburg the police are currently on high alert. The citizens of the second largest Swedish city have been kept in suspense for weeks by the conflict between two rival criminal gangs. The first big argument between the two groups broke out at a gas station on August 12th. The men started beating and shooting at each other, more shootings followed, and people set fire to each other’s cars.

Make a splash with less effort through the use of these 7 pro pr tips

Having an excellent PR strategy is a thing that can feel daunting to numerous entrepreneurs when they’re just starting out. Is there to you need to be a press release? Imagine if the items your startup does aren’t really press worthy? How will you still leverage the important channels of media outreach to get more support and eyes for your business?

5 PR Approaches for the Busy Entrepreneur

I had the chance to interview Zoe Weisburg Coady, the entrepreneurial co-founder of BrandStyle Communications in NY, to ask her how she feels entrepreneurs can leverage other opportunities for press beyond the traditional news release. She shared her seven best tips from her years of vast expertise helping brands make a big splash in the media.

How food and beverage brands can stick out to retail buyers

There is just too big much competition in the meals and beverage space and an excessive amount of on the line to gamble on buyer relationships.

Retail buyers will be the ultimate gatekeepers. They decide whether your brand gets, and stays, on the store shelf.

Focusing on how to keep retail buyers happy is vital for your brand’s success and growth. There is just too big much competition in the meals and beverage space and an excessive amount of on the line to gamble on buyer relationships.

How fintech startups are disrupting the payments industry

They’re forcing a big, entrenched ecosystem to adapt.

Long previously, transfers of value occurred between royalty, merchants and commoners who all used gold, silver, cattle and other physical commodities to thrive and survive. That ended in 1971 when the U.S.. dollar and other world fiat systems fully detached from the gold standard and embraced floating exchange rates.

In the last 50 years, finance institutions built payment systems that are partially obsolescing in the wake of fintech disruptions like virtual currencies, distributed ledgers and decentralized protocols. Fintech entrepreneurs are more attuned with the high expectations of a younger, digital crowd who buy goods from all over the world with a tap of a phone screen, and which may be delivered by Amazon in a couple of hours.

5 Problems business school won’t prepare you for

I’m an enormous proponent of education. Secondary education introduces you to new concepts, ideas, information and even new individuals who might help you advance later in life. While they’re definitely not a requirement to be a business owner, business school and similar accredited programs will help you understand the essential principles essential to create and launch a reasonably successful business.

Unfortunately, there’s a limit to just how much classroom learning can prepare you for real life. Just as a course in elementary physics won’t guarantee that you’ll safely execute a long-distance motorcycle jump, a course running a business management won’t guarantee your success as a business owner.

Just These 5 Lessons Made the MBA Worth the amount of money

Make alternative energy your business

With unstable gas prices and increasing environmental awareness, an alternative solution energy business could put you on the path to success.

Got grease? Justin Carven of Greasecar Vegetable Fuel Systems LLC does. The 29-year-old founder’s Easthampton, Massachusetts, business makes conversion kits that allow diesel engines to perform on vegetable oil. "Ultimately, it is the rising fuel costs that are convincing visitors to get onboard," says Carven. Greasecar sales have become by a lot more than 200 percent every year over the past year or two and are likely to are as long as $2.5 million this season. And the business is jumping in to the commercial and municipal markets with enthusiasm.

Some major alternative energy growth areas include solar, hydrogen, bio-fuel, fuel cells and energy saving technologies. Development, installation and creative application of the technologies are possibilities for entrepreneurs. "It will not be just one single alternative energy source which will be the silver bullet to resolve our problems; it’ll be multiple options," says Nabil Nasr, director of the guts for Integrated Manufacturing Studies at the Rochester Institute of Technology in NY. Research firm Clean Edge expects the worldwide market for clean energy to attain $167 billion within ten years, up from $40 billion in 2005. Entrepreneurs must find their niches and build flexible companies that may react as the energy market changes. Nasr advises businesses to diversify their marketing and selling sources.

How fitness companies are disrupting just how we workout

Peloton and Beachbody are altering the landscape of the exercise industry.

The 21st century is a strange place because of massive degrees of technology-even something like visiting the gym isn’t safe from the reaches of disruption. However, finished . to bear in mind is that technology, rather than making our lives more difficult, seeks instead to create our lives simpler. If anything, it could create us healthier people over time.

According to Tech Target , as much as 40% of gym-goers lapse on the membership within the first year. By leveraging the social interactivity of web connection with accountability by means of groups for training, some companies want to bring in regards to a disruption in the original field of fitness. For most, it’s a fresh undertake a tedious practice, and one that’s more likely to generate far more benefits for the demographic it’s targeted at.

7 Things brands can study from trump’s social media strategy

While you might not like those tweets from our president-elect, you will need to admit that as a campaign strategy, they worked.

President-elect Donald Trump was quoted, in November, on 60 Minutes, as crediting social media for helping him win the presidential campaign, and he’s probably right.

WEARING DOWN the Tactics and Tools the Presidential Candidates ARE EMPLOYING

11 Unique spotify podcasts for business owners

Podcasts experience intimate, relatable and so are ideal for anyone seeking to delve into matters and never have to set aside period to read or check out videos.

If you’re among the 205 million individuals who pay attention to Spotify, it’s likely you have found on the buzz encircling among the platform’s newest audio offerings, The Michelle Obama Podcast .

With an increase of persons looking for binge-worthy media to have their thoughts off the point out of, very well, everything, the former Initially Lady’s podcast may be the sort of feel-good, comforting issue most are seeking for. We reach pay attention to her banter with her husband, past President Barack Obama, and we are able to relate as we notice her confess the way the pandemic, competition relations and the existing political strife have gone her fighting low-quality depression.

7 Terrible naming mistakes entrepreneurs make

Your company name are certain to get used more and go longer than any other investment you make in your business. It’s essential that you get it right the 1st time.

Here are several of the largest naming mistakes I’ve seen entrepreneurs make and just why you should prevent them.

Tesla doesn’t own the domain name Do you consider someone attempting to buy a Tesla gives up if indeed they go there and don’t find the web site? Of course not! They type “Tesla cars” right into a search engine and discover it very quickly flat. Plus they don’t even notice what the domain name is, which incidentally is If Tesla doesn’t need to have a precise match domain name, neither do you.