How flipora became rover without confusing 30 million people

Imagine having 30 million customers acquainted with your company name, seven million of these active users, and changing it on them. What do you consider they will do? Might it be confusing to the idea of losing users?

The answer is no, not in the event that you rebrand a company like Flipora did by changing its name to Rover. As much research went into changing their name as did in creating this content discovery solution. It’s important that the brand new name is aligned with the brand attributes and what the answer does for an individual.

Rover understood that its previous name, Flipora, didn’t represent its brand attributes nor achieved it tell users what it might do for them. While 30 million users did find out by trying it or hearing about any of it from friends, the name may have not provided the incentive for another 30 million.

The Mars Rover got the attention of Flipora’s founders if they were researching potential names. They liked the thought of what the Rover, named Curiosity, does on the top of Mars. It really is roving around searching for what hasn’t yet been found and what those on the planet cannot yet see or understand because of several challenges.

The founders of Flipora realized their artificial intelligence (AI) does a similar thing by venturing out into unchartered territory to find and recreate beneficial content users can enjoy. They saw a graphic with recognizable, inherent symbolism to bring those attributes and meanings to the user’s mind.

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Once these connections could be made in the info given the rebranding news, users may then take that and visualize those meanings because they continue to utilize the content discovery solution. It’s pretty cool when you find out those meanings and recognize that your market gets it, too.

Don’t assume all user can make the Mars Rover connection, however the name has a lot more than that one meaning. Rover also brings to mind dogs, those faithful companions who venture out on commandand to retrieve what we wish. Flipora thought this additional meaning would help people know very well what the AI engine does, in addition to the symbol has deep meaning and value in various cultures.

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Rover’s name change was made since it released very good news. It announced additional funding from Google, Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, angel investors and AI experts, and also ongoing growth in user numbers. Numerous enhancements to the platform and AI engine have increased the speed and accuracy of the results, and embedded the perfect solution is right into a user’s social fabric and life. Announcing the name change and news simultaneously upped the excitement with the impression the business has climbed a few rungs higher on that success ladder.

Further, the business has announced that further improvements are also on the way in the coming months. This ongoing very good news thread brings users nearer to the business and deepens the partnership whether or not the name has changed. It is because users are enthralled with the knowledge and the continued elevated degree of enjoyment.

Taken together, the study, messaging, financial support and ongoing enhancements illustrate a company any size can successfully rebrand itself – even one which has 30 million users – without losing any support. If anything the rebranding strategy shows signs that Rover is only going to gain more users as time passes. I’m convinced that kind of rebranding strategy works and it may be precisely what I really do as I re-evaluate my company’s brand image.

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