Interview on nuclear weapons: "stop endangering humanity"

75 years after Hiroshima, nuclear disarmament efforts have almost come to a standstill. The former head of the UN disarmament, Kane, explains in an interview what needs to change – and why she does not consider the nuclear weapons ban treaty to be useless. For years, the United Nations, non-governmental organizations and medical associations have endeavored to ban and ban nuclear weapons worldwide. But the nuclear weapons ban treaty passed in 2017 is not yet in force. At the same time, important bilateral disarmament agreements were terminated by the USA or are expiring.

Angela Kane: This is cause for great concern in several ways. For one, global armaments expenditures of $ 1,917 billion are the highest in over a decade, as SIPRI, the Stockholm Institute for Peace Research, found.

On the other hand, the US has terminated bilateral agreements with Russia: the INF Treaty on Medium-Range Arms, the Treaty on Open Skies. The last bilateral agreement still in existence is New START, but it will expire in February 2021.

There are now talks between Moscow and Washington about an extension, but the Trump administration insists that China also take part in these negotiations. The Chinese declared their willingness to talk in principle, but only when the number of nuclear weapons in the three countries was at the same level. Currently, however, of the world’s 13,400 nuclear weapons, around 6,000 each are in the United States and Russia, while China has 320. So there will be no trilateral talks.

And third: the nuclear weapons doctrine of the Trump administration of 2018. According to this, nuclear weapons should not only be used as a deterrent and retaliation against a nuclear attack, but also as a means of waging war against non-nuclear states. This is very worrying. When does such a case occur? In a cyber attack? That has never been defined. I find this lack of clarity extremely worrying.

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