Garbage truck trial in tubingen: defendant sees himself as a victim of his act

The place of mourning for the people who were killed by the overturned garbage truck. Photo: dpa

After the tragic garbage truck accident in August 2017, which left five dead, the driver is on trial. At the beginning of the trial, his defense attorney warns of the call for the harshest possible sentence. The driver himself is traumatized.

Tubingen – Before the start of the trial after the tragic garbage truck accident, the defender warned against thoughts of retaliation. "The accused is by no means a criminal who has to be locked away, but is himself a victim of his act," said a statement by lawyer Thomas Weiskirchner published on Tuesday. He represents the 55-year-old truck driver who will have to answer for negligent manslaughter before the Second Large Criminal Chamber at the Tubingen Regional Court from Wednesday (March 7).

Spain: more deaths than ever in one day

More than 10,000 people have already died in Spain as a result of a coronavirus infection. 950 patients were there within 24 hours. Nevertheless, the government sees reason for optimism.

Spain has registered 950 deaths due to Sars-CoV-2 in a single day. That is the highest number so far, said the Ministry of Health. The country had previously suffered more than 800 deaths for five days in a row. As things stand, a total of 10,003 people died from the virus.

"Curve stabilized"

The number of newly registered cases has risen by eight percent to 110,238, the authorities said. However, this is a significant decrease compared to the average increase per day of 20 percent in mid-March. After a curfew was imposed, the daily increase in infections has decreased to less than twelve percent.

3 Steps to eliminating the barriers to becoming self-sufficient

While 75 percent of individuals want in becoming self-sufficient, only 5 percent are prepared, willing and in a position to act on the dream. Of all obstacles facing individuals, fear may be the most paralyzing. When exploring almost all their options to be self-sufficient, weighing risks and rewards, the variables involved tend to be punctuated by fear. While being afraid can promote caution when venturing into something new, it is also paralyzing and could prevent folks from chasing success.

Focus on your gut feelings and don’t ignore your concerns, but put fear in its place. Imagine if you were to learn that your fear is founded on False Evidence Appearing Real, would that change your perspective? Every year you will have obstacles that you perceive as barriers to venturing into something new, like changing your job path and exploring whether entrepreneurship or business ownership is right for you personally. It will never look like the proper time, so we encourage you never to make any decisions in haste, rather keep yourself well-informed about the vehicles or possibilities that will cause you to your imagine self-sufficiency. Begin by considering these three ways of finally pursue your dreams:

What’s your "why”? Asking “why,” with regards to a new career path, will set an effective foundation for effectively exploring the very best possibilities and evaluating options to understand your dreams of self-sufficiency. Identifying most of your aim in life could be the driving force. It’ll be the why behind the what. Identify your strengths and weaknesses as a few of these could possibly be transferable skills. Next consider your short and long term goals with regards to ILWE – Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity. The type of income do you want to generate, the type of lifestyle do you want to live, the type of wealth and equity do you want to build and find? This will lay the groundwork which you can build another version of you.

What corona has done to our assets

It comes as no surprise that the pandemic has caused major financial damage to investors. ING experts have calculated how great the damage is. But there are also signs of hope.

How won, melted away – that is the subtitle of the ING study "Our money & Covid 19 ", which deals with the effects of the virus in the first quarter of 2020 in Germany and Europe. And indeed, the data relating to the first quarter of 2020 look partly devastating: The coronavirus led to a record loss for European savers.

Worse than the bursting of the dot-com bubble

Their financial assets decreased by a total of 771 billion euros or 3.0 percent compared to December 2019. That was by far the highest financial asset loss in the last 20 years, the experts have calculated. The second largest quarterly loss, the bursting of the dot-com bubble, would have been just 2.6 percent in the first quarter of 2001. According to the data, German savers got off relatively well, losing just 2.0 percent, or 128 billion.

3 Steps to determine product-market fit

Product-market fit may be the golden rule for just about any startup – entrepreneurs require it or their concept will fail. However, defining product-market fit could be challenging for a few startups, as it does take time and takes a deep knowledge of your marketplace.

From my experience in the last 2 yrs building my startup Dizzle, a mobile app for real-estate agents, I’ve developed several variations of my product hoping of mastering the product-market fit. It had been a tiny challenging time, as I continually found myself exhaustively explaining the way the product worked. I finally decided rather than having all these great features, I would concentrate on the only real feature that provided the most value and utility to my marketplace. With this new strategy, I could approach the product-market fit questions a bit differently. I started handing my product to my clients and asked them to describe it if you ask me. Once my target customer could explain the precise value proposition of my product back again to me (and was ready to shell out the dough), I believed I finally nailed the product-market fit conundrum.

The Golden Rule of SETTING UP: Product-Market Fit