Problems in the corona crisis: more help for single parents?

Single parents are reaching their limits in the Corona crisis: According to a media report, only about a quarter of them are currently entitled to emergency daycare – because their jobs are systemically relevant. That should change.

Childcare in the Corona crisis poses massive problems for many parents. The 1.78 million working single parents in particular have to find new models. Only 450,000 of them are currently entitled to emergency daycare. This emerges from figures from the Federal Statistical Office, which the Left Party has requested and which are available to the "Neue Osnabrucker Zeitung".

117,000 single parents work in public administration, 50,000 in food retail, 36,000 in financial services and insurance and 30,000 in warehouse logistics. A job in system-relevant areas has so far been decisive for access to daycare emergency care during the corona pandemic.

"It is good that single parents and other parents who work in critical infrastructures have emergency care available," said Left MP Sabine Zimmermann of the newspaper. "But a solution is needed for all 1.8 million working single parents so that they can take care of their children without losing money."

More children in emergency care?

The federal government plans to open emergency care to all single parents and other professional groups. How that happens in practice is up to the federal states. Lower Saxony has already ordered an expansion. In the opinion of the municipalities, a large part of the population there will in future be able to place children in emergency care.

"This makes it legally almost impossible from Monday to deny parents the demand for a place in emergency care," criticizes the working group of the municipal umbrella organizations in Lower Saxony. She sees the successes achieved in combating the corona virus at risk.

From Monday, a working group of the federal states, the federal government and experts will develop guidelines on how the day-care centers can be gradually reopened. Family Minister Franziska Giffey said: "A general statement that the daycare centers will remain closed until summer leads to even more stress for many families and cannot be the only answer."

Study: women suffer more than men from the corona crisis

According to a study, the social effects of the corona pandemic are hitting women more than men. This is indicated by the first findings of a study by the social scientist Lena Hipp from Potsdam.

Satisfaction with both work and life in general decreased more in women than in men in the first few weeks after school and day-care center closings. Women would probably have a higher burden during the crisis, emphasized the professor, who teaches and researches at the University of Potsdam and the Science Center Berlin.

They worked in the home office and at the same time felt responsible for the care and home schooling of the children. The inequalities that already existed in normal times could now worsen massively.

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