Proceedings at the stuttgart regional court: verdict expected in the sword murder trial

Is the accused guilty? The district court must decide on this. Photo: dpa // Marijan Murat

Almost eleven months after the shocking act in the Fasanenhof district, the verdict against the alleged sword killer is due to fall on Monday. One crucial detail is eagerly awaited.

Stuttgart – In the case of the fatal sword attack on Fasanenhofstrasse, the defense has demanded an acquittal, the public prosecutor’s office a prison sentence of 13 years. That is how far the expectations of those involved in the so-called sword murder trial diverge. The parties agree on at least one question: the accused should be placed in a psychiatric clinic. From 2 p.m. on this Monday, the judgment will be given at the Stuttgart Regional Court.

The decisive question will be how the chamber assesses the culpability of the 31-year-old defendant. The defense was of the opinion that he had not been in control of his senses in the attack with a samurai sword that he had previously bought in the city of Stuttgart. The prosecutor came to the conclusion that the man had stabbed his victim “with an absolute will to destroy”. He imagined he was sexually abused and ridiculed by his former roommate. The brutal attack – which the man’s daughter witnessed – was his revenge for it. An expert had classified the 31-year-old as less culpable. "He has one leg mad," said the psychiatrist’s assessment.

The attacker had met his victim on the evening of July 31, 2019 in front of his house in the Fasanenhof. The 36-year-old came back from shopping, accompanied by his daughter. In the middle of the street, the defendant stabbed the man several times with the samurai sword. They used to share an apartment. The murder attracted a lot of attention not only because of the brutality. But also because passers-by and residents filmed the attack and posted videos of it on the Internet.

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